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Our City Reading, Inc

Committed to Revitalizing Reading, Pennsylvania


In Loving Memory of Albert Boscov


Our City Reading is a 501C non profit corporation with a three pronged mission:
  • to create pride and stability through home ownership to Reading's first time home buyers
  • to bring new high quality job opportunities to the area
  • to enhance the quality of life for city and surrounding community residents

Places to Live:

  • GoggleWorks Apartments
  • Restored affordable properties
GoggleWorks Apartments

GoggleWorks Apartments:

Brand new luxury apartments, click here for details.

GoggleWorks Apartments

picture of houses

Restored affordable properties:

In 2001 Our City Reading began to interact with government entities, bankers, and local building contractors, to fully restore, market and sell houses in all areas of the city of Reading.

As of June 2013, Our City Reading has assisted over 550 families to become first time homebuyers.

Our banking partners provided low interest loans, at rates below standard residential housing mortgage rates.

Our non-profit structure, high volume purchasing of home restoration materials, local contractors and the favorable financing arrangements have made the transition from rental to home ownership very affordable for our inner city Reading residents. Homes sell for less than most residents now pay in rent per month including taxes and insurance.

Sovereign Plaza, DirectLink Technologies

Places to Work:

Our City Reading's economic stimulation proposals successfully brought new businesses and industries to Reading.

Our City Reading built a new banking facility for Sovereign Bank that created over five hundred jobs in the very heart of downtown Reading in 2006.

Directlink Technologies chose Berks county for their new State-of-the Art data center. This new industry, to our area, is offering high salaried jobs to attract highly skilled workers.

Directlink Technology

Other Projects Completed By Our City Reading:

  • KVP Falcon
  • Quaker Maid Meat
  • Sunrich Fresh Fruit
  • Hydrojet
Picture the GoggleWorks

Venues to Enjoy Life:

In 2003 Our City Reading planned to create an art center from an old eyeglass factory. When the GoggleWorks opened in September 2005, it was the largest interactive community arts center in the country. The art center drew over 90,000 visitors during their first year of operation.

The GoggleWorks offers the community an opportunity to learn about the arts in a working studio environment, and gives the entire city a vitality it did not have previously.


imax theatre picture
IMAX movie theatre + 10 stadium seat theaters

An IMAX movie theatre was built in the GoggleWorks vicinity, plus 10 stadium style theatres, along with new shops and restaurants.

Reading is be among the first cities, under 100,000 population, to have an IMAX theatre. Previously, IMAX complexes were only available in larger cities.

panevino picture
Places To Eat:

Located across the street from the IMAX is Panevino. Panevino Rustic Italian Cuisine offers great atmosphere and affordable Italian and American Cuisine.

Panevino Rustic Italian Cuisine